Who’s ready for a makeover?!

KMVR is your station bringing you Magic104.9’s “Radio Rescue” this Fall! (Listen for the Magic Password daily to win fun prizes and to get qualified for a full radio makeover!) Each week, Listeners will tune in with the Magic Morning Vibe with Rick and Patty to find out when the Magic Password of the day will be announced. The Magic Morning Vibe will announce what time to listen for the daily password every Monday-Friday.  Listeners will then tune in at said time to catch the Magic Password of the day. The following morning, Rick and Patty will cue for lucky caller number 9!  If the listener can get through and deliver the correct Magic Password, they will qualify for the full radio makeover from Sounds Unique in Las Cruces! Qualifiers will also get our brand new Magic104.9 T-shirts and any other fun prizes we can safely give out during the promotion. If the listener gives the wrong password, Rick and Patty will open up the phone lines again until a winner is found. Listeners with an incorrect password can play again the following day.



Online-To make it even more interesting, listeners can head to our website(Magic1049fm.com) to see the Magic Password from the previous day. The password will change daily and will be posted to the website 20 minutes before the morning show opens the phone lines for our listeners next chance qualify.