Large Market Radio:
Station of the Year – KXPZ – Bravo Mic Communications
DJ Personality Aircheck – KXPZ – Zia Country Afternoon Drive with Patricia
Public Service Campaign – KXPZ – Boot Up For Babies with March of Dimes – Lyndsey & Ricky
Talk Show or Interview – KMVR – Champions for Children – Ricky
Complete Newscast Station – KXPZ – Top Stories from the Bravo Mic Radio Network – Jack
Continuing Coverage – KXPZ – Organ Mountain Desert Peaks Monument Series – Jack
Newscaster – KXPZ – Top Stories from The Bravo Mic Radio Network – Jack
Specialty Show – KXPZ – The Aggies Go Dancing – Jack
Morning Show – KXPZ – Real Mornings with Lyndsey K

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