Bravo Mic Media has expanded its advertising opportunities and has become a media outlet to best suit the needs of your business and the growing economy by offering:

  • Radio Advertising
  • Digital Media
  • Promotional Advertising

We want to make sure that you are getting the best recognition in the best way possible. Radio advertising helps reach a mass audience through your home, car, and work day. Digital Media or online marketing is to help you get your business out there in the World Wide Web. Promotional products are available to keep you at the top of consumers mind, whether they are carrying your pen, your notepad, sticky notes, letter opener, etc.

We can get your business thriving in the community with the best Marketing/Advertising campaign for you, which makes it effective and convienent for success with Bravo Mic Media.

Our website is here to help you better understand media advertising and the economic growth of Las Cruces. We have added important statistics to this site so you can see where our economy stands as a community. You have all the tools necessary to improve your business and potential client growth within our website.

Please take a look at all the valuable information we have to help you and let us know more about what we can do to make your company grow even more.

Economic Information

Las Cruces is a small town with BIG ambitions.In 2011, Las Cruces was ranked #30 for Best Small Business & Careers, #1 in 2002 for Best Small Meto Area for Business and Careers, and in 2006, #2 based on job growth & earned income. Las Cruces is expanding more and more each year, with more companies finding Las Cruces a place of opportunity. This is giving Las Cruces more jobs and more competitve business.  This is what Las Cruces looks like from a stand point.

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Thank you Las Cruces! All your donations are on the way to help the residents affected by Hurricane Harvey. ... See MoreSee Less

All the way from Las Cruces: 99.5 Zia Country 101 Gold & Magic 104.9 collected and delivered truckloads of non-perishable food items, hygiene products and water to the Food Bank yesterday! Thank you...

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Hurricane Harvey relief efforts! ... See MoreSee Less

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Thank you to the loyal listeners of KOBE AM 1450. We apologize if we have disappointed you with our decision to change the format from News/Talk to Spanish Pop Music. We value the opinions and political views of all listeners and members of this community. In no way was the decision to change formats motivated by politics or bias towards any group. The reason behind the format change is economic and related to advertising revenue. We feel that there is need and demand to reach the Spanish speaking population that is so prevalent and important within our community. We truly believe in the principles of free market capitalism and understand it's a double edge sword where there will always be winners and losers. "La Equis" KOBE AM 1450, is the only Las Cruces based and owned Spanish language station. It is time to keep Spanish language advertising budgets in New Mexico and not letting that money leave the state. Once again, thank you for your passion and loyalty to KOBE News/Talk and all the best.

Michael Smith
President and CEO
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Dropping talk radio is a terrible decision; huge numbers listen in to Rush everyday. There are already numerous spanish language stations in the area why replace talk radio with one more? I probably will not tune in to any of your stations after today. ... See MoreSee Less

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